Nemesis: Carnomorphs - A Board Game by Rebel 1-5 Players - Board Games for Family 90-180 Minutes of Gameplay - Games for Family Game Night - for Kids and Adults Ages 14+ - English Version

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You run away from the cockpit engulfed with flames. You close the bulkhead behind you and take a deep breath - finally some oxygen! But then, you hear a disgusting noise before you - organic sounds of crushed bones, snapping tendons, and splashing liquids. You go forth carefully and lean out of the corridor. Your heart speeds up. It's a bloodbath out there. Everything is splattered in blood, monsters devour corpses, theirs and human. Maybe the burning room wasn't a bad place to spend time after all? Expand your Nemesis experience further with the first expansion, Carnomorphs. Play individually or party up with 2-5 people to take on the horrors within. Be careful though, everyone has their own objectives and may not have your best interests in mind. Can you survive and find a way out of this Sci-Horror inspired world?

  • Expand your Nemesis experience further with the first expansion, Carnomorphs, adding new enemies, attack cards, mutation cards, event cards, and more
  • Requires the original Nemesis Boardgame in order to be played
  • Can be played either individually or with 2-5 players in co-op gameplay. Watch out though, every player has their own agenda on this infested ship
  • 90-180 Minutes of Gameplay
  • Includes an assortment of new miniatures including: 3 Fleshbeasts, 1 Butcher, 8 Shamblers, and 8 Metagorgers